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The Boudica Gallery

Event, Exhibition (permanent) 1 November 2014 - 1 November 2020
    • Learn all about the story of Boudica and the revolt against the Romans, in AD60-61. The Boudica GalleryBoudica was the great warrior Queen of the Iceni. The Iceni were a deeply religious Celtic tribe who lived in settlements and spent their lives raising crops, managing woodland and tending herds of sheep, cattle and pigs in the area now covered by Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire during the late Iron Age. Within the gallery you can see re-created scenes, handle objects, take rune rubbings, watch a short video about the Iceni Queen, take a ride on a reproduction wooden chariot of the type used by Boudica as she led her people into battle. And see a wealth of objects from the period.
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