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What on Earth!

Event, Exhibition (permanent) 1 November 2014 - 1 November 2018
    • What on Earth! is an interactive introduction to the natural world and a showcase for Sheffield's amazing natural history collections. In Close to Home, you can see and hear the animals that can be found living on the moors, in the woods or even in your own home. Explore the Weird and Wonderful area where you can design your own creatures, or pay a visit to the museum's very own beehive and ant colony. Take a stroll through the ancient lands exhibit, but watch out for the hyenas, giant millipedes and sharks! In the Power of Nature section, find out how wind and water turns boulders into mud and why dung beetles are stronger than elephants. From spring 2014 What on Earth! will be home to a new display exploring the ecosystem of Greno Wood, an ancient woodland in the north of the city. Natural Connections has been developed in partnership with Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust to explore the links between the diverse species which live in Greno Wood.
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