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Cardiff in Context

Exhibition (permanent) 1 January 2001 - 1 January 2020
    • A Port of Some Importance explains why people first settled in Cardiff and how their communities developed. Cardiff may look a modern city now, but peel back the layers and you can find lots of evidence of people in Cardiff from long ago. Our hands-on activities help you discover the city's Bronze Age, Roman, Norman and Medieval past! Changing Cardiff shows how the city today has been shaped over time. The wealth, confidence and ambition created through the success of the docks in the late 1800s impacted not only physically on the city in its buildings, housing and transport links, but also on the everyday lives and identity of its communities. Visitors can find out more through the objects, photographs, stories and interactive activities on display. Working Lives explores how Cardiffians have made their living over time, from the land and sea, to industry and now today's service industries. See how any object can tell a very personal story of the city's working life in our Object Theatre. Discover how the docks looked at the peak of their success and eavesdrop on some of the characters who worked and lived there.
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