How to make your own Hatch

A photpgraph showing a dog made out of card

© Mary Rose Museum

    • If you go to the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, you can meet Hatch, the ship's dog. He's one of the museum's most popular exhibits.

      The experts at the museum think that, apart from catching the rats on board the Tudor vessel, Hatch was a kind of unofficial mascot for the ship. He can be your mascot too, as the Mary Rose have downloadable instructions to help you build your own Hatch.

      Cut out parts that come together to make a dog.Build your own Hatch© Mary Rose Museum
      The instructions come in two versions. There is a plain one, like the picture, so you can colour Hatch in, or another one that comes pre-coloured in. The experts think he had a brown coat, but your version can have whatever kind of coat and markings you want to give him.

      You can find out lots of information about Hatch with the Mary Rose Museum, including what kind of dog he was and where he was found.

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