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A child doing an art activity

A child doing an art activity

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    • Young people may have heard of Picasso or Van Gogh but it can be a challenge to introduce a wider range of contemporary creative people and their work, as well as developing hands-on creative skills. It can also be difficult to get young people to think beyond painting and sculpture when it comes to the arts.  Culture Street helps you to do just that by connecting young people with contemporary artists, writers, filmmakers, curators and performers and their amazing work through its Art, Stage, Film, Books channels and now the new Museum channel.

      Culture Street supports young person-led learning about a wide range of creative people and cultural organisations.  Typically you might start this journey by watching a short 'Who is' or 'What is' video clip, and then encouraging further investigation through other content e.g. the 'Questions' section where the questions all come from young people themselves.  Culture Street films are uniquely made with and for young people so they are accessible for use in the classroom or as part of Arts Award.

      An extensive range of classroom-based workshops are available to view, led by professional artists from many different artforms and featuring a wide range of creative projects.  The most popular Key Stage 2 workshop is ‘Improve your class’s drawing skills' and for Key Stage 3, the ‘Wire Workshop’ is suitable for most art rooms. We particularly like the 'Illustrated Book Workshop' because it links so well with the interactive activity 'Picture Book Maker'.  If you are trying to engage a group of boys 'Superactioncomicmaker' always goes down well.

      The 'Have a go' section is full of fun, virtual activities that are perfect as a starting point for practical work, to develop understanding of processes and concepts, IT skills or independent learning.

      Culture Street is one of Arts Award's national partners because it is an ideal resource to support pupils in advancing their creative and leadership talents and gaining accreditation. The site is specially designed to provide practical ways for your pupils to get their Arts Award, particularly in the new Arts Award Discover and Explore levels as well as Arts Award Bronze.

      Culture Street is all about encouraging creativity in the classroom and beyond, and the belief that where a child lives shouldn’t be a barrier to the arts. The site was made possible with funding from Arts Council England. It brings together a family of sites, including Film Street and award-winning ArtisanCam, which was nominated for the prestigious Webby awards and won a BETT award in 2007 and a BAFTA in 2008.
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