How to make paper snowflakes

    • Paper snowflakes make great decorations and they are really easy to make. All you need is a square piece of paper and a pair of scissors. The secret is in the folding. It looks tricky, but it's really easy, honest!

      Here's how:

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      Take a piece of square paper and fold it in half so that you have a big triangle.

      Now fold that triangle in half to make a smaller triangle.

      Now hold your triangle with the longest side at the top.

      Next, fold the right-hand corner over towards the middle until it is directly above the bottom point of the triangle and press the edges down firmly.

      Now fold the left-hand corner over towards the middle until it crosses over the right-hand point. Press the edges down firmly.

      Almost finished. Now, cut off the two points that are sticking up, in a straight line underneath them.

      This is the fun bit. You should be left with a triangle. The tallest point will be the centre of your snowflake. Now you get to cut out your pattern.

      You can cut out any pattern you like. Swirls, spikes or a mixture of the two. Use your imagination.

      The most important thing to remember is that you don't cut your triangle into bits though.

      You must leave at least some of the folded edge intact so your flake doesn't fall apart.

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      You could stick your snowflakes on windows to let the light shine through, use them as stencils for painting, stick them on wrapping paper to liven up your presents or use them to make collages and patterns.

      Finally, how about making a snowflake online with Make-a-flake on the Woodland Trust website?

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