Topic Guide: Art

A painting showing a painter at his easel

A painter at his easel

© Rijksmuseum

    • In this art topic guide we will be looking at: art glossary, sketchbooks, Tate Shots and contemporary artists.

      Art glossary
      Art is one of those subjects that has absolutely loads of technical terminology. The Museum of Modern Art (or MOMA for short) has put together a very detailed glossary featuring everything from “Abstract Expressionism” to “Zoopraxiscope.”


      Artists have used sketchbooks for lots of different reasons; to record ideas, as a visual diary, or even to experiment. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can see Constable’s sketchbook at the V&A or Monet’s sketchbooks from the Musee Marmotten Monet in Paris.

      Tate Shots
      The Tate have their own channel on which they show short films about art and artists called Tate Shots. These films are really useful and can give you an expert's view on some fantastic works of art.

      Contemporary artists

      There are many contemporary artists working today, from sculptors to textile artists. Culture Street has lots of videos of these artists discussing their work.
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