How to make an Easter card

Bright yellow daffodils

© Timo Newton-Syms via Wikimedia Commons

    • It's no good buying a card, you know... home-made cards are always more popular.

      An Easter cad made of coloured paper resembling flowers
      You will need:
      • Thin coloured card - two or three A4 size sheets is plenty.
      • Glue
      • Scissors
      • Sticky tape
      • Crayons, felt tip pens or paint.
      Step 1: cut a sheet of card into strips, but only halfway down the sheet, like in our picture. Don't make the strips too skinny, or they might break.

      A sheet of green card cut into strips
      Step 2: cut out some flowers in another colour. You could make them different sizes or different colours... use your imagination!

      Step 3: stick a flower onto the end of each strip of paper.

      This picture shows you what you should end up with after step 3.

      A piece of green card with paper flowers
      Step 4: curl the card around with the flowers facing inwards and stick the two sides of the card together, so you end up with a cylindrical shape.

      A piece of green card wrapped in a cylindrical shape with paper flowers on top
      It should look a bit like the one in this photo.

      Step 5: now curl down the flowers carefully, so that they all droop outwards - and look just like flowers in a pot.

      You could adapt this by making the card slightly bigger, and turning it into an Easter bonnet, or by putting a small pot of real flowers into the centre of it, as an extra surprise.

      You could stick a base onto the card, making it into a pot, and fill it with pot pourri (that smelly stuff that mums and grandmas really love) or yummy chocolates.

      We left our card quite plain, but you could decorate yours: stick glitter onto it, colour in the flowers, draw designs on the pot, glue scraps of material around the pot or stick a sign on it with the name of the person you're giving it to - it's up to you.

      Whatever you do with it, they will love it, we guarantee it.

      Happy Easter from Show Me!

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