Domestic Dog (Head)

A mounted dog head of a Pekinese.

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    Teacher notes
    • The Pekinese is the dog of Chinese Emperors. They were bred with bowed legs making them unable to stray far from their owners and their small size made them easy to carry. Despite their cuteness, Pekinese are actually more closely related to wolves than many other breeds of dog.

      The Horniman has a collection of dog heads which are part of a display about how lots of domesticated breeds of animals we keep as pets are in fact artificially bred by humans.

      Edward Gerrard and Sons was a famous company which provided taxidermy objects like this head and this bat to museums and private customers.

      Things to think about:

      • Why do you think the breed was called Pekinese?
      • If you have a pet, see if you can research its evolution journey.  Is it a new breed created by humans? 
      • Do you think taxidermy animals are a good way to learn about them?
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