‘The Tyger’ from William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, 1923.

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    • William Blake's poem The Tyger is a well-known English poem. It was first published in 1794, but this copy was published in 1923. You can find out more about the poem with the British Library's Introduction to The Tyger.

      You can read the poem in this beautifully illuminated page from the British Library. 'Illuminated' doesn't mean 'lit up' here, it means that the page has a lot of decoration.

      With all of the details in the picture, it can be hard to concentrate on the words, so here's a recording of the poem.

      The Tyger is one of William Blake's most well-known poems, and it was first published in a collection called Songs of Experience, which was a sequel to his Songs of Innocence. It is a companion poem to The Lamb, with one exploring ideas of innocence and the other exploring experience. This is what The Lamb sounds like...

      You can find out more about William Blake and his work at the British Library.
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