Table of Unusual Creatures

An engraving showing unusual animals.

Wellcome Library, London

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    Teacher notes
    • Nature has produced some very unusual creatures. This illustration from the Wellcome Collection shows you all sorts of weird and unusual animals. This 'table' come from a publication called "The natural history of Stafford-shire" can you imagine these odd animals running around Staffordshire, in the heart of the UK?

      Things to think about...
      Although these animals are unusual, they do look like animals we are familiar with, like rabbits and dogs - can you think of a scientific reason for the appearance of these animals?
      Think about some mythological monsters, like sea-serpents or Pegasus, do they have a resemblance to everyday animals? Do any others?
      If you could design your own unusual creature, what would it be like?

      You can make all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures in this Make a Mythical Creature activity from the British Museum.
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